Endless Conveyor Belt


With our experiences in the field and constant product development, we are the first and only conveyor belt manufacturer in Thailand that can manufacture the special endless conveyor belt. Previously, a conveyor belt was made to the required length, then cut and join together using the approach called 'belt splicing'. The splicing point then becomes the weakest point on the conveyor belt. No matter how good the splicing work is, it is still the first point where the belt could get damaged. In some intensed working environment, the splicing joint usually was the cause of the break-down.

We have developed a new technique in fabricating endless conveyor belt. The whole conveyor belt was made in a circular shape, that means there is no weak point on the whole conveyor belt. Therefore, the endless conveyor belt can last longer than the conventional jointed belt, which reducing the break-down for fixing or replacing the belt. We can manufacture endless conveyor belt as wear resistance (Grade P, N, or M), oil resistance (OR1, OR2), and heat resistance (HR100, HR120, HR150). Please contact us for more detail.